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CCEA was founded in 1985 with the goal of providing hardworking employees proper lighting for the workplace. In fact, CCEA was the brainchild of its founder, Bruno Celsan. In the early 1980s, he saw that workplace lighting was limited to general lighting and felt that it was not suitable to provide efficient working conditions. Indeed, operators’ eyes would be subject to prolonged stress throughout the day, causing burning sensations, watering, or headaches and would consequently impair their ability to perform their jobs. Bruno’s ingenuity led him to design the first lamp which illuminates the exact spot where the work is being performed which lead to better working conditions and higher productivity. This revolutionary idea became our guiding star, our benchmark for creating effective lighting for every piece of machinery and workplace, in order to optimize the work process and protect personal health, while continuously operating with respect for the environment and using the highest quality materials.

With 3000 m2 of laboratory and production facilities, CCEA boasts a wide selection of excellent quality items thanks to our highly qualified team in the field of lighting. All our products undergo green light quality control to check their degree of protection and resistance to agents specifically for that product’s application. Our quality standards also come from the raw materials that are checked as they enter the warehouse, where they are tested and verified to ensure perfect conformity and functionality. Our range of products does not only cover lamps but also services such as lighting consultancy, customized design, and training.

Thanks to our machines, 3D printers, and measuring instruments we can offer a complete service for the production of customized lamps. Our instrumentation includes a photogoniometer with high precision sensors that allows extremely accurate photometric measurements.  We see the possibility in light of optimizing every professional situation, from major industrial factories to machinery for the smallest production.

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