Epsylon RGB


Smartest programmable RGB signal lighting to provide wide and bright Color reproduction. High-performance RGB signal elements to display Status on Machine, automated industrial processing and manufacturing even at longer distance. Uniform illuminance, full color, flashing or progressing mode are freely and easily configurable via DMX 512.
Compatable with gateway ModBus RTU/DMX  RS485

Slim Aluminum Housing, Vibration resistant, Polyurethane resin IP68, 24 Vdc integrated drivers, 10ft cord with pre-assembled M12 connector. DMX Standard protocol to easily interface with PLC.


Machining Centers, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Assembly work Benches to illuminate and thus enhance end product final test.

  • DMX 512 Protocol
  • 24Vdc power supply
  • Slim Anodized aluminum Housing 0.39″H, 1.37” D
  • 5 Sizes achieving higher versatility
  • polyurethane resin front protection IP68
  • Swiveling mounting bracket or Magnetic Holding for Quick and adjustable installation options


EPSYLON RGB LEDs offer an extended service life of 60,000 hours, with no maintenance required. Suitable for water exposed environment (EPSYLON RGB is protected against the effects of immersion), its extra-slim, rugged aluminum housing allows EPSYLON RGB to be placed almost everywhere. 

  • 0.40” low profile
  • Anodized aluminum casing made on CNC machine
  • 0.24” thick crystalline polyurethane resin front protection
  • High degree of protection IP68
  • 5 lengths model


The EPSYLON series is based on the latest generation of Mid Power LED light source available in versions 3 – 24W which provide highly efficient illumination of any surface or space.

  • Power LED PCB with 24 Vdc I.D.S.
  • M 12-A 3P (M) connector 4 A or Free ends wire


The Epsylon has a very good color reproduction of light for maximum safety in the workplace. High-performance and intensity LEDs ensure reliability and durability. 


DMX512 is a standard protocol for digital communication, commonly used for color changing LED applications. Data packets are transmitted through a simple twisted pair cable (RS485), allowing for a quick interface with MODBUS/DMX converters for additional customization or integration.

Suitable for a number of different applications, it may indicate process progress, machine status, levels, remote monitoring, alerts and malfunctions.

No matter whether you need to know the status of a process or you want to monitor machine condition to enable predictive maintenance: from simple operator’s interaction to integration within IIoT, EPSYLON RGB is the right answer.

The EPSYLON RGB series comes with pre-assembled 6.6 ft PUR power cord with an M12 straight connector socket or Free ends wire.

Order CodePowerPower SupplyLengthOpening AngleModulesConnectionDownload
Sales SummaryDownload
EY0265S0110W24Vdc6.30″120 °1M12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY0465S0120W24Vdc9.84″120 °2M12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY0865S0130W24Vdc18.90″120 °4M12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY1265S0140W24Vdc27.56″120 °6M12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY1665S0150W24Vdc35.83″120 °8M12-A 4P MaleDownload

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