Compact LED with Maximum Efficiency, Unlimited Applications

The Epsylon LED light series brings a thin and elegant casing combined with the latest generation of Mid Power LED technology, which offers unlimited possibilities of application fields. Extremely powerful and quickly integrated LED lighting allows to accurately monitor ongoing processes in many applications, as well as quick adjustment and maintenance for maximum efficiency. Its 0.40″ ultra-slim profile and highly efficient luminous flux together with a high degree of protection IP68/IP69 lead this light to the perfect solution for all applications where high-performance lighting is needed and space is very limited.

  • Wide range of application fields especially in the automated manufacturing industry
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant
  • Resistant to oils, coolants, and metal shavings
  • Full protection against infiltration of dust and liquids
  • High degree of protection IP68/IP69
  • Unified daylight lighting
  • 50% energy savings and constant flow beam for 60.000 hours
  • Non-photobiological risk according to EN 62471
  • No additional devices needed
  • 24Vdc connection via M12-A 3P connector
  • 10 ft power cord
  • CE certification
  • 5 model sizes


The combination of an elegant, low-profile design and high performance brings a reliable and universal structure that meets all needs.

  • 0.40” low profile
  • Anodized aluminum casing made on CNC machine
  • 2 sizes available in a stainless steel casing
  • 0.24” thick crystalline polyurethane resin front protection
  • High degree of protection IP68/IP69
  • 5 lengths model



The EPSYLON series is based on the latest generation of Mid Power LED light source available in versions 10 – 50W which provide highly efficient illumination of any surface or space.

  • Power LED PCB with 24 Vdc I.D.S.
  • Connection via M12-A 3P (M) connector 4 A

Connection via M12-A 3P (M) connector 4 A

1Brown+ 24Vdc
3Blue0 Vdc
*If the trigger signal is not used, connect PIN.4 to the positive of the 24 Vdc power supply.


The Epsylon has a very good color reproduction of light for maximum safety in the workplace. High-performance and intensity LEDs ensure reliability and durability. The anti-reflective front cover maintains a constant luminous flux and even illumination inside the structure.

  • 5000K light temperature
  • CRI 80
  • 120° diffused beam
  • No photobiological risk according to EN 62471
  • Anti UV polyurethane resin
  • Opalin PMMA for a stainless steel version

120 degree diffused beam

Anodized Aluminum Housing

Anodized Aluminum Housing Dimensions

Stainless Steel Housing

Stainless steel housing dimensions for Epsylon

  • Robust, versatile and vibration resistant
  • 90° angle adjustment bracket
  • Made of chrome-plated stainless steel
  • Suitable mainly for high-vibrating applications

Product code includes a couple of brackets with M3 fixing screws and steel handle washers.

  • Two T-Nuts (Hammerhead) for standard aluminum extrusion profiles

The EPSYLON series comes with pre-assembled 10 ft PUR power cord with an M12 straight connector socket, no additional accessories are needed.

Epsylon Light Power Cord

Order CodePowerPower SupplyLengthOpening AngleFlow BeamConnectionConnection
Sales SummaryDownloadInstallation ManualDownload
EY0121E0110W24Vdc9.84″120 °1300lmM12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY0221E0120W24Vdc18.90″120 °2600lmM12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY0321E0130W24Vdc 27.55″120 °3900lmM12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY0421E0140W24Vdc35,83″120 °5200lmM12-A 4P MaleDownload
EY0521E0150W24Vdc44.30″120 °6500lmM12-A 4P MaleDownload