Guarantee of Precision and Reliability

The T-LED series has been designed to offer a modular luminous flux solution, which is mainly focused on workplaces with very narrow spaces and very high lighting requirements. It’s particularly suitable for specific machine tools such as high-speed cutters, lathes, and drills. The choice of three different lengths, 4 different optics, and beam angle adjustable brackets provides a wide selection of lighting solutions to fit any need and reach even the farthest point.

  • Powerful LED lighting recommended for high-speed CNC and EDM machine tools
  • Slim tubular structure with a high degree of protection IP68
  • Corrosion, vibration, and metal chips resistant
  • 4 types of lenses for a narrow, medium, or wide beam angle
  • 24 Vdc or 230 Vac connection via external driver
  • 50% energy savings and constant flow beam for 60.000 hours
  • Non photobiological risk according to EN 62471


Sleek and compact, the T-LED series is the best choice for all the applications where high-performance waterproof lighting with minimal space requirements is needed, especially in extreme working conditions.

  • Anodized aluminum casing and closing caps
  • Extra clear transparent polycarbonate tube 0.08 in thick
  • NBR sealing
  • Heat sink
  • High protection index IP68
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Choice of 3 lengths from 6.57 in up to 17.2 in



The T-LED series is based on the latest Mid Power LED technology that provides a powerful, soft, and balanced light.

  • 24 Vdc or 110 Vac configuration
  • 6 W, 1 2 W and 18 W versions
  • External LED driver PSU with pre-assembled 6.56 ft PVC power cord
  • Electrical connection via pre-assembled 4.92 ft PUR side power cord with free ends



Highly durable protective cover in combination with a choice of three optics are the main features that make the T-LED lights precise and reliable.

  • 5000K monochrome light CRI 80
  • 450 lm, 900 lm, and 1350 lm versions
  • 8°, 25°, 40° and 60° optics to select the right light beam angle
  • No photobiological risk according to EN 62471

T.FX01 mounting brackets

Robust, versatile and vibration resistant, it is a 60° angle adjustment bracket. Made of chrome-plated stainless steel, it is the perfect solution when you need to adjust the direction of the flow beam in high-vibrating applications.

The product code−set is composed of two brackets with M3 screws and steel handle washers.


Pair of clamps made of chromium-plated stainless steel. The set consists of 2 clamps, 2 M3 x 8 screws, and 2 square nuts for fastening.


All T-LED lights come with a pre-assembled 4.92 ft PUR power cord and an external LED driver matching the power usage.


LED driver for 24 Vdc TLED versions


LED driver for 230 Vac TLED3-6 versions


LED driver for 230 Vac TLED9 versions

Each Unit code consists of Lamp + Driver

Order CodePowerPower SupplyLengh Opening AngleFlow BeamConnection Datasheet
Sales SummaryDownloadInstallation ManualDownload
TL0321S016W24Vdc6.57 x Ø1.42″444 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0321S026W24Vdc6.57 x Ø1.42″25°426 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0321S036W24Vdc6.57 x Ø1.42″40°390 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0321S046 W24Vdc6.57 x Ø1.42″60°369 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0621S0112 W24Vdc11.90 x Ø1.42″888 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0621S0212 W24Vdc11.90 x Ø1.42″25°852 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0621S0312 W24Vdc11.90 x Ø1.42″40°784 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0621S0412 W24Vdc11.90 x Ø1.42″60°738 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0322S016 W110-230Vac6.57 x Ø1.42″444 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0322S026 W110-230Vac6.57 x Ø1.42″25°426 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0322S036 W110-230Vac6.57 x Ø1.42″40°390 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0322S046 W110-230Vac6.57 x Ø1.42″60°369 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0622S0112 W110-230Vac11.90 x Ø1.42″888 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0622S0212 W110-230Vac11.90 x Ø1.42″25°852 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0622S0312 W110-230Vac11.90 x Ø1.42″40°784 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0622S0412 W110-230Vac11.90 x Ø1.42″60°738 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0922S0118 W110-230Vac17.20 x Ø1.42″1332 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0922S0218 W110-230Vac17.20 x Ø1.42″25°1278 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0922S0318 W110-230Vac17.20 x Ø1.42″40°1170 lmCable 5ftDownload
TL0922S0418 W110-230Vac17.20 x Ø1.42″60°1107 lmCable 5ftDownload

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