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Industrial lighting PRODUCT ENGINEERING


Every engineering problem needs a precise, elegant solution. We geek out over building the best lighting that is the key to a superior product. Not only do we take pride in quality and reliability, but we are also committed to making the process fun for everyone. When you want the best product, you need a partner you can trust that stands behind your work. That’s precisely what CCEA has provided its customers since 1985. We manufacture a variety of lighting for the most different industrial applications manufacturing as well as products that work for positioning, holding, safety shielding, magnifying, and task lighting.


CCEA TECHNICAL LIGHTING has grown to become a global supplier of industrial lightings such as machine lights, workbench lights, and sewing machine lights that serves a broad array of customers. As a family-owned business, we share long-term stability, trust, and loyalty by integrating these values into every facet of our business. We’ve grown because of our precision, design, and belief in treating people respectfully.


Our friendly and dedicated staff work to develop our customer’s LED LIGHTING solutions from concept to market. We’ve done hundreds of previous designs, routinely filling orders from 25 to 5,000 for OEMs, distributors, and direct end-users. No matter how big or small the job, we pride ourselves on the respect and trust we share with every single one of our customers. We want you to feel like a part of our family when we work with you. Together we can do great things.

We can design an excellent luminaire, but what’s a luminaire if you can’t mount it to see what you need to see. CCEA solved many of these issues that companies ran into, needing lights to be versatile, reliable, and fit different circumstances. The lighting itself is as important as the actual technology given to machines.” 

Bruno Celsan

Who we are

CCEA is a family-owned business in the 3rd Generation now. We quickly became the most respected industrial lighting Manufacturer Internationally. While many things have changed since our story began in 1985, organization, product quality, and customer service are always our priorities.

CCEA Technical Lighting Corp.

Expanding in North America

Our proud, conveniently located office and Wearhouse in Mesa, ARIZONA, provides “Direct Factory” Sales, Customer Service, and prompt delivery to all clients in North America since 2019.

CCEA thrives worldwide on providing clients with an end-to-end solution in the manufacturing industry and any application where there is a need for resistant, reliable work lighting. The experts at CCEA understand that in the evolving global marketplace, companies need to be able to stand above their peers and competitors. We are dedicated to assisting our customers with lighting solutions, unique designs, and practical reliability.