Assembly and Workstation Lighting

Smartly chosen lighting boosts productivity and creates well-being

Assembly and Workstation lighting is an energy-efficient solution because it provides the exact amount of light required in a workspace to perform a specific task and less light intensity in other areas. The best option is to invest in high-intensity, individually adjustable, and dimmable task lights. The CCEA Assembly lights are practical, versatile, and adjustable lighting solutions for Automated and manual Workstations. The built-in intensity control function allows the operators to adjust the light level and switch the light off when they are done. In an industrial manufacturing environment, the right amount of light at the right time boosts productivity and reduces errors because it improves ergonomics and provides illumination exactly where needed. Adjustable superior task lighting is essential to the quality of work and creates the well-being of employees

▪️ Available in 4 lenghts
▪️ 24Vdc
▪️ 1200 to 4800 lm
▪️ 12W to 48W

Application: Workbenches

▪️ Available in 5 lenghths and 3 models (PowerQ, PowerS and Eco)
▪️ 24Vdc
▪️ 665 to 6000 lm
▪️ 5W to 50W

Application: Switchboards, agro-food machinery

▪️ Available in 5 lengths
▪️ 24Vdc
▪️ 1.300 to 6.300
▪️ 10W to 50W
▪️ Polyurethane resin front glass

Application: Universal Uses

▪️ Available in 5 lenghts
▪️ 24Vdc
▪️ 3W to 24W
▪️ Polyurethane resin front glass

Application: Process Control

▪️ Available in 2 model
▪️ 24Vdc
▪️ 630 to 1.030 lm
▪️ 9W or 18W

Application: Universal Uses

▪️ Available in 3 versions
▪️ 24Vdc, 110Vac and 230Vac
▪️ 170 lm
▪️ 3W

Application: Workbenches, Inspection benches

▪️ Available in 3 versions: gooseneck, short and jointed arm
▪️ 24Vdc
▪️ 450 to 900 lm
▪️ 6W or 12W

Application: Workbenches, Manual machines

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