Series Q

High-Performance LED Lighting for Tight Spaces

The Q SERIES brings two versions of LED lighting, the SIRIO Q and EPSYLON Q. This series is equipped with the latest generation of High Power LED technology in a compact aluminum anodized housing with a double of nine LEDs mounted on a round PCB for brighter and more even lighting of your workspace. Both versions of the model – SIRIO Q with 40 ° or 60 ° flow beam opening angle and glass front cover as well as EPSYLON Q with 120 ° flow beam opening angle and polyurethane resin front cover – provide highly efficient luminous flux and a high degree of protection (IP67 – IP69) making them the perfect solution for all applications where high-performance lighting and limited space are required.

Epsylon Q front facing
  • Wide range of application fields especially in automated manufacturing industry
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant
  • Resistant to water oils, coolants and metal shavings
  • Full protection against infiltration of dust and liquids
  • High degree of protection IP68/IP69
  • Unified daylight lighting
  • 50% energy savings and constant flow beam for 60.000 hours
  • Non photobiological risk according to EN 62471
  • No additional devices needed
  • 24Vdc connection via 10 ft power cord
  • Quick and easy to install – two mounting brackets available
  • CE/UL certification
  • 2 versions, 6 models


The combination of compact design and high performance brings a reliable and versatile structure that meets all needs.

  • Anodized aluminum casing made on CNC milling machine
  • Compact dimensions 4.65 x 3.94 x 0.98” (H x W x D)
  • 2 versions available: 24” thick crystalline polyurethane resin or 0.16” thick tempered glass front cover
  • High degree of protection IP67/IP69



The Q SERIES models are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and the latest generation of high-efficiency LEDs. All components are built into an extremely efficient PCB. When designing the Q SERIES, current stabilization and heat dissipation were was a priority. The integrated LED PCB in 24 Vdc is current-stabilized and equipped with an efficient temperature control system, which guarantees a long product lifespan and a constant flow beam for more than 60,000 hours.

  • Power usage  LED PCB with 24 Vdc I.D.S.
  • 9W or 18W Power
  • Connection via cable gland

Cable Gland Connection


SERIES Q takes advantage of the latest generation of high-power LEDs. With 9 high-efficiency LEDs built into state-of-the-art circuits, the Q Models provide powerful lighting to meet any need in a multitude of industrial applications.

SIRIO Q comes with two optics – 40 ° for concentrate and a brighter beam, or 60 ° optics providing a wider and brightly lit workplace at the same time.

EPSYLON Q with a beam opening angle of 120° is ideal for a large work surface.

All Q Models have very good color reproduction of light for maximum safety in the workplace in accordance with EN 6247. High-performance and intense LEDs ensure reliability and durability. The front screen made of tempered glass or polyurethane resin is anti-UV rays and impact-resistant IK07 and maintains a constant luminous flux and even illumination inside the structure.

  • 5000K light temperature
  • CRI 80



SIRIO Q Dimensions

Epsylon Q

Epsylon Q Dimensions

Order CodeDegree of ProtectionFront CoverFlow Beam AngleWattPower SupplyDimensionsFlow BeamEfficiency
SR0921Q01IP67Hardened Glass40°9 W24 Vdc4.65 x 3.94 x 1.0″1050 lm116 lm/W
SR0921Q02IP67Hardened Glass60°9 W24 Vdc4.65 x 3.94 x 1.0″750 lm83 lm/W
SR0921Q03IP67Hardened Glass40°18 W24 Vdc4.65 x 3.94 x 1.0″1350 lm75 lm/W
SR0921Q04IP67Hardened Glass60°18 W24 Vdc4.65 x 3.94 x 1.0″1050 lm58 lm/W
EY0921Q01IP69Polyurethane Resin120°9 W24 Vdc4.65 x 3.94 x 1.0″630 lm70 lm/W
EY0921Q02IP69Polyurethane Resin120°18 W24 Vdc4.65 x 3.94 x 1.0″850 lm47 lm/W

Series Q installation bracket Series Q Mounting Bracket close up

  • Robust, versatile and vibration resistant
  • Installation with a flexible angle adjustment of 180°
  • Made of chrome-plated stainless steel
  • Suitable mainly for high-vibrating applications
Series Q Bracket Rotation Illustration
cod. SR.Q.FZ01
Bracket-set in chromium-plated stainless steel
Adjustment left and right rotation (A) = +90° / -90°
Adjustment front and back inclination (B) = +90° / -90°

The Q SERIES comes with cable gland and 10 ft PVC power cord.

Sirio Q Power Cords Epsylon Q Power Cords

EPSYLON Q Datasheets

EPSYLON Q Sales Summary

SIRIO Q Datasheets

SIRIO Q Sales Summary

Unlimited field of applications:

  • Machining centers
  • Workbenches
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Marine
  • Packaging
  • Power generators
  • Switch-boards lighting
  • Wet areas
  • All waterproof applications with small mounting space
  • Agri-food (stainless-steel versions)
  • Retrofitting

Configuration images coming soon.

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