Where bright light is required, but available space is limited.
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A high power LED light perfectly sealed against any liquids.
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For inside small and medium machine tools/CNC machines . Specially Designed for retrofitting.
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THE Inspection Light. Precise and removable, don't miss any more detail
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For agri-food machines and switchboards illumination.
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INDUSTRIAL Lighting Solutions

Machine Lights
Assembly Lights
LED Pointer

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• No photobiological risk
• +60.000 hours lifetime
• Cutomize the LED pointer according to your needs

Custom Lighting Program

Why use the Custom Lighting Program?

We know that finding the perfect light for your application can be difficult for a variety of reasons.
That’s why CCEA offers the custom lighting program.

Thanks to the Custom Lighting Program, CCEA will accompany you and develop with your collaboration, a unique lighting solution that is truly valuable.

About CCEA

CCEA was founded in 1985 with the goal of providing hardworking employees proper lighting for the workplace.
With 3000 m2 of laboratory and production facilities, CCEA boasts a wide selection of excellent quality lightings thanks to our highly qualified team in the field of lighting. All our products undergo green light quality control to check their degree of protection and resistance to agents specifically for that product’s application. Our quality standards also come from the raw materials that are checked as they enter the warehouse, where they are tested and verified to ensure perfect conformity and functionality.

Why Choose CCEA Lights?

Reliability & Innovation

CCEA lights has made a considerable advancement over the last ten years, especially thanks to the technological advancement of LEDs. Thanks to our qualified engineers and more than 35 years of experience, we have over the years, expanded our family of machine light and improved the existing one to be able to provide you the best lighting solution for every of your machine. Choose CCEA Machine light it’s also means choosing quality, reliability and the quiescence* of not having to perform any maintenance.(We guarantee constant flow beam for 60.000hours) *All our products undergo green light quality control to check their degree of protection and resistance to agents.

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