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Why Choose CCEA Lights?

Reliability & Innovation

CCEA lights have made a considerable implementation over the last fifteen years. As LED technology continues to progress, CCEA qualified R&D department with more than 35 years of experience in the lighting field, has expanded our machine lighting program so that we can offer a wider range of products to provide the best lighting solution for machine tools, workbenches and industrial applications. Choosing CCEA lighting is synonymous with quality, reliability and cost-effective as they are maintenance-free and long lasting. The lifetime of an LED module is defined as the time it takes until its light output, or lumen maintenance, reaches 70% of the initial output. This is also called L70. CCEA guarantee a L70= minimum 60.000 hours thanks to highly performant IDS (Integrated Drivers System) with Amp output control. New quality control methods include testing every thirty minutes during the production process to guarantee the product is free-defective.

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