Powerful brightness – 3 optics 

  • 30°, 90°, 110° Beam Aperture

  • condense, Narrow, wide 
  • Lighting uniformity 
  • Up to 108 lm/W
  • 5000 K – CRI 85
  • RG1 Photobiological Risk – IEC 62471-5:2015 © IEC 2015- 

Built for Resistance

  • Impenetrable enclosure
  • 24 Vdc built-in Drivers,
  • 10-foot cord or M12 connector Electrical service
  • PWM Interface 
  • IP67 – IP69 reliable for Micro-Blasting, Transfer CNC, Grinding Machines, Induction Brazing CNC 
  • PWM Interface
  • Reparable in 10 years of work in harsh application
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FX01 Mounting Brackets

CAFX02  – Kit-Stainless steel Brackets 

  • It is a 70° angle adjustment bracket that is robust, versatile, and vibration-resistant. Made of stainless steel, it is the perfect solution when you need to adjust the direction of the flow beam even in high-vibrating applications.

Models and Variants


Order CodeWattagePower Usage DimensionsBeam AngleDigital InputElectric ServiceDatasheet
CA0121S046 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "30°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0121S056 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0121S066 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0121S076 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S086 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S096 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S116 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S126 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S136 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 "110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S0412 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "30°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0221S0512 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0221S0612 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0221S0712 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S0812 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S0912 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S1112 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S1212 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S1312 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 "110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S0418 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "30°1950lmCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0321S0518 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0321S0618 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0321S0718 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S0818 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S0918 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S1118 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S1218 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S1318 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 "110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S0424 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "30°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0421S0524 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0421S0624 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0421S0724 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S0824 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S0924 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S1124 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S1224 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S1324 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 "110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
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