Sirio Spotlights

The SIRIO series comes with three models of compact lamps equipped with the latest generation of High Power LED technology in two versions – 3 or 6 LEDs. All three models provide highly efficient luminous flux with 40° flow beam opening angle and high degree of protection IP67. Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of its models, the SIRIO series brings a great solution for all applications in manual machining industry.


  • Wide range of application fields, especially in the manual machining industry
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant
  • Resistant to liquids, oils, and metal shavings
  • Protection against infiltration of dust and liquids
  • Viton® seal for a high degree of protection IP67
  • Unified daylight lighting
  • 50% energy savings and constant flow beam for 60.000 hours
  • Non-photobiological risk according to EN 62471
  • Easy and quick 24Vdc connection
  • CE certification
  • 3 models, 2 versions

3 Models



Sirio BL machine lighting


Sirio machine lighting


The combination of design and high performance brings a flexible, reliable and versatile structure that meets all needs.

All Models

  • Anodized aluminum casing with black oxidation surface treatment
  • Swivel head for head rotation 300 ° and inclination 180 °
  • 16” thick tempered glass front cover
  • Strong PA66 GF30 black base
  • High degree of protection IP67

Specific for Individual Models

Sirio BC Machine Lighting

SIRIO BC – compact dimensions with a short arm offer maximum flexibility. The mobility of its head allows the light beam to be directed exactly where it is needed. Extremely precise lighting allows a focused medium beam thanks to 40 ° optical beam angles.

Sirio BF Machine Lighting

SIRIO BF – flexible arm for maximum versatility of use (stainless steel gooseneck protected by a polyolefin sheath against scratches). Its design offers a lot of freedom in setting the light that fits perfectly. Thanks to the flexible tube with an additional head joint, it is mobile and directs light directly and quickly, always exactly where it is needed. Even where space is limited, the lighting can be precisely adjusted thanks to the flexible arm.

Sirio BL Machine Lighting

SIRIO BL – articulated and adjustable aluminum arm powder paint, with unique vibration resistant Even in the roughest industrial environments, the luminaire preserves its stability and ensures precise medium lighting. With 40° optic with different and flicker-free dimming allow an optimum control of the state-of-the-art high-power LEDs.


The SIRIO models are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and the latest generation of high-efficiency LEDs. All components are built into an extremely efficient PCB. The integrated LED PCB in 24 Vdc is current-stabilized and equipped with an efficient temperature control system, which guarantees a long product lifespan and a constant flow beam for more than 60,000 hours.

  • 6W or 12W
  • Choice of models with dimmable touch switch or without switch
  • Connection via side cable with M12 connector
  • PSU 100/120 Vac on demand

Sirio Power Switch


The SIRIO series exploits the latest generation of high-power LEDs. With 3 or 6 high-efficiency LEDs built into state-of-the-art circuits, all models provide powerful lighting to meet any need in many industrial applications.

  • 3 or 6 LEDs for a luminous flux 450 or 630 lm
  • 5000K light temperature
  • CRI 80
  • 40° optics for a bright medium beam
Led color temperature
LED Color Temperature

Photometric Curve

Sirio BC Dimensions
Sirio BC
Sirio BF Dimensions
Sirio BF
Sirio BL Dimensions
Sirio BL

Sirio Mounting Clamp.04

Robust, versatile vibration-resistant metal clamp made of black powder-coated stainless steel. Quick assembly on workbenches, manual machine tools, drilling machines etc.

Sirio Mounting Bracket B02

The strong neodymium magnetic base with high adhesion is the perfect solution for all applications that require both high adhesion and frequent changes in light position.

All SIRIO models come with a pre-assembled PUR side cable with an M12 connector. Use a 110 Vac power supply for a 24 Vdc connection.

Sirio Power Connector Sirio PUR Cable

Order CodePowerPower SupplyOpening AngleFlow BeamSwitchDatasheet
SR0321BC26W24Vdc40°450lmWith Download
SR0621BC212W24Vdc40°630lmWith Download
SR0321BF26W24Vdc40°450lmWith Download
SR0621BF212W24Vdc40°630lmWith Download
SR0321BL26W24Vdc40°450lmWith Download
SR0621BL212W24Vdc40°630lmWith Download