P996 - P496

We are proudly introducing P996 and P496 sewing machine lights.

P996 and P496 sewing machine lights are the CCEA ICONIC, high quality and efficient LED light for:

  • Industrial sewing machines used in car interiors, aircraft seating, and safety device manufacturing.
  • Apparel, leather goods, and shoe sewing machines.
  • Parachutes and fishing nets, sewing machines.
  • Tents and awnings sewing machines.

CCEA P996 and P496 have been designed for all brands of Industrial Sewing Machines.  These LEDS are amazingly reliable and have a 60,000 hours >L70 life length. Non-reliable lights can cause trouble, but P996 lights guarantee to complete your sewing projects efficiently.


The distinctive, iconic, and original hat-shaped head embodies an efficient COB-LED with high CRI 90, increasing visibility and reducing errors. It improves the overall operators’  mood and boosts productivity accordingly. How? It rests the operators’ eyes.

NEUTRAL WHITE LIGHT. With its 5000K light temperature, close to the one of the sun, P996 and P496 improve concentration and let you see details accurately. So they enhance the quality of seams, hems, topstitching, quilting, and appliqué work because their light is precisely where you need it.


and productivity are other often overlooked aspects influenced by higher CRI lighting. The P996 with CRI 90 produces a pleasant environment, reducing stress, headaches, tension, and eye strain. This series boosts productivity and improves your company’s income and profitability.

NO MORE SHADOWS. The P996 sewing machine LED light casts its crisp, direct luminous flux on the right spot from any sewing machine. Stop experiencing a thread bunching up or an incorrect fabric feeding caused by a harrowing sight.

LIGHT UP your sewing area to see what you’re doing. The P996 and P496 sewing machine LED light provides a 120°opening angle beam that, combined with its 500 lumens, creates a powerful, extensive, bright illumination. This makes it easy to control the quality of the sewing work, allowing the inspection even far from the needle.

LIGHTING ERGONOMICS has a tremendous impact on productivity and workers’ well-being.  The flex gooseneck and head mount are the two options to fit long- and short-arm sewing and quilting machines. The P996 LED Lights are universally suitable for all brands and models of industrial sewing machines. Choose between the 27.6” long flexible but robust gooseneck arm and the 12” long head-mount metallic arm. It allows you to quickly and steadily adjust the headlight position and reach the optimal setting for good lighting ergonomics in your sewing area.


so that you can easily control and follow the sewing process, whatever your machine is. P996 and P496 fit the industrial sewing machines regardless of type or brand.


A sewing process combines the appropriate machine with the sewer’s passion, ability, and knowledge. This is performed in a precise area carefully used by tailors to optimize every step of the sewing path. This is why P996 and P496 have been designed with simple but solid mounting brackets to set the sewing area free of obstacles. The P996 gooseneck variant, in particular, wears a sturdy and robust metal CLAMP03 that’s movable and solid.

It consequently attenuates all vibrations from the standard sewing process that cause uncomfortable light shaking. Instead, the P496 head-mount variant has an articulated swivel joint to fit the sewing machine’s head top perfectly. It then gives you precious free space over the sewing area.

A LONG POWER CORD with a pre-assembled Plug is 6. ft / 1.8m long to reach your power supply quickly. But you can also choose the pre-assembled M8 connection with a 6.6 ft /2 m cable for the 12-24 dc version.


The P996 series sewing machine lights offer the traditional 120 Vac, 240 Vac, or 12-24 Vdc power supply. The series provides a secure, fast, and easy electrical connection with no additional supply unit required.

P996 Bench Mount

P496 Head Mount


CLAMP03 (P996)



Order CodePowerPower SupplyDimensionsOpening AngleLumenCableDatasheet
Sales SummaryDownloadInstallation ManualDownload
960122SF74.5 W120 Vac27.5 "120°500lmUS-A PlugDownload


Order CodePowerPower SupplyWeightOpening AngleLumenCableDatasheet
Sales SummaryDownloadInstallation ManualDownload
960122RT74.5 W120 Vac1,32 lb120°500lmUS - A PlugDownload