What is an Industrial LED Pointer?

The Industrial LED Pointer is a unique tool that makes aligning, indicating and positioning of materials in difficult situations very easy and is suitable for various applications, both manual and automatic.

Where Industrial LED Pointer Are Used

CCEA’s Industrial LED Laser are a safe alternative solution for laser pointers, used in industrial applications while maintaining the same accuracy and usability. Some application examples are Sealing Machines, Footwear machines, parts manufacturing, and automated warehousing.

Why Choose the LED Pointer Instead of a Laser Pointer

Some of the main benefits of CCEA’s Industrial LED Lasers that make them productive and cost-effective at the same time include the following:

  • No photo biological risk IEC/EN 62471
  • No safety glasses required
  • No strain on the eyes

LED Standard: IEC/EN 62471. As LEDs become widely used in many LED lights, assessment of the unique “Blue Light” hazard is critical. Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems, was fully applied to all LED lighting products.

Incoherent Light vs Coherent Light
Incoherent Light vs Coherent Light

Coherent light features all the individual light waves precisely lined up in the form of rays. They’re all going the same direction, and taking each “stroke” in the same way and at the same time. That’s why a laser pointer will project a very small dot across a long distance. And that’s also why laser light is dangerous for our eyes. Our eyes are not adapted to deal with the intense power of coherent light deposited in a small area on the retina, and, depending on the laser power, retinal burns can result. Hence the recommendation for safety glasses.

Incoherent light emits a wide divergence beam useful for lighting. Here the photons do not have the same frequency and the waves are not in phase with one another. This type of light is diffuse and it is not dangerous for the eyes.

  • No maintenance or replacement required, significant time and cost savings.
    The Pointers are equipped with the highest quality power and efficiency LED, with a guaranteed lifespan of 60.000 hours.
  • 24/7 efficiency for up to 8 years
    CCEA LED Lasers can operate continuously and provide a constant flux beam throughout their life, with only 30% reduction in luminous flux output after 60.000 hours.
  • Vibration, shock resistant
  • The Pointers are made of anodized aluminum alloy
    • high corrosion resistance
    • no sparking
    • non toxic
    • no magnetism
  • Available in 3 LED colors: White, Red and Green for marking a wide series of colored materials and surfaces
  • 4 diaphragms and customization for various applications
  • 4 focal lengths: 28, 32, 52 and 87 for distances from 3.15ʺ (8cm) to 39.37ʺ (100cm) from the surface in standard uses
LED Pointer Features
LED Laser Features

What It Is and How It Works

An LED Driver is an electronic device that regulates the power of an LED or series of LEDs. While a high-power LED lasts up to 60.000 hours, it’s different when we talk about the lifespan of the LED Driver.  It is essential to know that LED Driver is the brain of the LED lighting system. It provides power transmission, load control, and subsequent component protection.  CCEA has created its own line of LED Drivers, given that energy efficiency and lifespan are the main reasons why customers want a control system for the industrial LED Lasers. The use of high-efficiency drivers increases energy savings, generates less heat, and correspondingly extends product lifetime.


  • Constant current (longer LED life)
  • Circuit protection (longer LED Driver life)
  • Flicker reduction (no stroboscopic effect)
  • 1W, 3W and 5W LED Power
  • Power supply in 12/24Vdc and 110 to 230Vac
  • Allows great flexibility of movement
  • Tight grip on the pointer
  • Allows easy installation
  • Quick LED Laser assembly

ART.16 Bracket


Sturdy and vibration resistant, it is a one-way articulated bracket. Made of chrome-plated stainless steel (arm) and aluminum LED Pointer holder. This bracket-set is selected when a stable and solid LED Pointer installation is required.  Suitable for high vibration applications. Occasional adjustments only.

ART.36 Bracket


Lightweight and vibration resistant it is an articulated bracket with medium movement. Made of ABS plastic in black. It is the answer when small, quick and frequent adjustments are needed to change the angle and position of the LED Pointer in any direction in moderately vibrating applications.

ART.34 Bracket


Robust, versatile and vibration resistant, it is a full-motion articulated bracket. Made of chrome-plated stainless steel (arm) together with a swivel neck made of anodized aluminum. It is the perfect solution when you need to change the angle and position of the LED Pointer and adjust it in any direction in high-vibrating applications.

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