LYSAR, the new, great way to enlighten your vision

Discover the ultimate CCEA versatile and user-friendly LED Light solution for:

  • Industrial Sewing Machines used in car interior and aircraft seating and safety devices manufacturing;
  • Sewing machines to produce apparel, leather goods, and shoes;
  • Parachutes and Fishing Net sewing machines;
  • Tents and awnings Sewing Machines.

The SF fits the space and size of every Sewing Machine, regardless of the task performed and what brand the machine belongs to.

LYSAR performs at high standards with all existing industrial sewing machines and helps create a pleasant environment and achieve a comfortable situation for workers. A boost in productivity is visible from the start, thanks to its reliability and performing service life of up to 60,000 hours >L70.

Thanks to the Gooseneck and articulated arm, the head can be adjusted precisely where the operator needs to see. The LYSAR series offers the perfect lighting to sew confidently and efficiently complete your projects, even anticipating the regular deadlines!

CLEAR VISION to more accurate and quick seams with the SF machine LED light. The cylindrical head points the luminous flux precisely where the seam originates, following the path of every thread since they feature a 5000K – CRI 90, high-power LED technology.

SOFT NATURAL WHITE with their 5000K light temperature, similar to the one of the sun, this luminous flux improves concentration and lets you see details accurately. Immediately enhance the quality of seams, hems, topstitching, quilting, and appliqué work with proper lighting exactly where you need it.

WORKERS’ VALUE and productivity are other benefits of higher CRI lighting, often overlooked on paper.  This series features a CRI 80 that produces a far more pleasant environment for sewers, reducing stress, headaches, tension, and eye strain and improving overall mood, which boosts productivity. This improvement is especially notable over time due to its direct impact on a company’s income and profitability.

SAY GOODBYE TO SHADOWS, and let your sewing accuracy shine. The SF Sewing Machine LED Lights shed their flux on the right spot on any sewing machine brand. Stop experiencing the bunching up of a thread or the incorrect fabric feeding caused by an impaired ability to see.

LIGHT UP your sewing area to see what you’re doing. The LYSAR sewing machine LED light creates a powerful, extensive, and bright illumination, making it easy to check the quality of the sewing procedure, stitch by stitch, even far from the needle area.

LIGHTING ERGONOMICS has a tremendous impact on productivity and workers’ well-being.  The Flex Gooseneck, mechanical arm, and the new, innovative flexible head-mount fit long- and short-arm sewing and quilting machines. Choose the SF variant equipped with the 27.6” in length robust gooseneck, the SA variant with a solid metallic arm, or the RT variant with a 16” flexible arm, perfectly following the silhouette of your sewing machine.  Combines the ergonomics of the adjustable arm with the solid fixing of the head-mounting system. Both the flexible and the mechanical arm allow you to quickly and steadily adjust the headlight position, reaching the optimal setting for good lighting ergonomics in your sewing area.

FITTING EVERY MACHINE so you can easily control and follow the sewing process, no matter what machine you use. The SF Sewing Machine LED Lights provide all the industrial sewing machine types and brands.

EASY, SAFE, AND QUICK MOUNTING Its benefits: a sewing process combines the appropriate machine and the sewer’s passion, ability, and knowledge. All of this is performed in a concentrated and limited sewing area carefully used by the tailor to optimize any single step of the sewing path. With this concept, the LYSAR Sewing Machine LED Lights have been designed with simple but effective solid arms and mounting options to allow the sewing area entirely free of obstacles. The LYSAR SF model is screwed to the bench or attached via a sturdy and robust metal clamp, providing a solid mounting to the machine bench and reducing the vibrations drastically originating from the regular sewing functioning that creates uncomfortable light shaking. INSTEAD, the LYSAR RT head-mount variant is equipped with the articulated swivel joint, which allows the luminaire to be perfectly adjusted; it helps make sure the right parts of the eye receive most of the light, the tabletop is less cluttered, and the light vibrates in sync with the machine itself.

LONG POWER CORDS allows you to easily reach the power supply regardless of your chosen version or model.

USE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD; like the other sewing machine lights by CCEA, the LYSAR series offers the traditional 120 Vac, 240 Vac, or 12-24 Vdc integrated power supply, providing a secure, fast, and easy electrical connection with no additional supply unit.

Lysar SF Bench Mount Goosneck

Lysar SA Bench Mount Double arm

Lysar RT Head Mount






Order CodePowerPower SupplyArm LenghtOpening AngleEfficiencyPower CordDatasheet
Sales SummaryDownloadInstallation ManualDownload
SF0322S073 W120 Vac27.5 "25°320lmUS - A PlugDownload
SF0322S073 W120 Vac27.5 "40°310lmUS - A PlugDownload


Order CodePowerPower SupplyArm Lenght Opening AngleEfficiencyPower cordDatasheet
Sales SummaryDownloadInstallation ManualDownload
SA0322S013 W100 - 240 Vac29.5 "25°320lm5ft US PLUGDownload
SA0322S023 W100 - 240 Vac29.5 "40°310lm5ft US PLUGDownload


Order CodePowerPower SupplyArm LenghtOpening AngleEfficiencyPower cordDatasheet
Sales SummaryDownloadInstallation ManualDownload
NA0322S073 W120 Vac15,7 "40°320lmUS-A PlugDownload