Recessed Machine Light

ANTARIO is the Recessed Machine Light designed with the State-of-the-art LED technology built-in a robust anodized aluminum housing. It is impenetrable to oil, coolants, emulsions, and Dust. The front Hardened safety glass is 0.16 inches thick and Debris resistant to IK07. The new concept of the glare-free optic diffuser combined with the designed circuits makes the ANTARIO the most efficient and reliable luminaire series with the safest light output. Available in different sizes, ANTARIO is the flush-mounted light solution that offers the highest illuminance in the slimmest casing for CNC Machines, manufacturing, and automation applications.

  • Recessed LED lighting suitable for industrial applications, automation processes, medium and large-sized CNC and EDM machines
  • Exceptionally powerful luminous flux (up to 9800 lumens)
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant
  • Highly resistant to oils, coolants, and metal shavings
  • Full protection against infiltration of dust and liquids
  • A high degree of protection IP67
  • Unified daylight lighting
  • 50% energy savings and constant flow beam for 60.000 hours
  • Non-photobiological risk according to EN 62471
  • No additional devices needed
  • 24 Vdc I.D.S. (Integrated Drivers System)
  • Available with a power cord or M12 connector
  • UL/CSA and CE certification
  • 4 model sizes


The combination of design and performance creates an ultra-durable structure ideal for use in extreme working conditions.

  • Powder-coated anodized aluminum casing
  • 0.16” thick IK06 impact-resistant, extra-clear tempered front glass
  • 0.12” thick anti-dazzling prismatic plexiglass (PMMA) diffuser
  • Heat sink that dissipates more heat even at the maximum operating temperature
  • IP67 degree of protection and Viton® sealing
  • 4 lengths recessed model


The main feature of the ANTARIO series is the powerful beam that is generated by a combination of high-efficiency Mid Power LED circuits and prismatic diffuser optimized by numerical algorithms.

  • Power LED PCB with 24 Vdc I.D.S.
  • Connection via M12 connector and rear power cord
Antario Polarities
Match the polarities
Brown/Black 1:24VDC (+)
Blue/Black 2: 0VDC (-)
Yellow/green GND


A prismatic diffuser increases the anti-reflection effect but still maintains a constant luminous flux and uniform illumination inside the structure.

  • 6500K monochrome light CRI 80
  • 120° diffused beam
  • No photobiological risk according to EN 62471



Recessed lamp, no brackets required. Installation with M5 screws.

Antario installation and mounting

Order CodePowerPower SupplySizeBeam Opening AngleFlow BeamConnection Datasheet

Cable Connector

M12 Connector
Installation ManualDownload
AN0231S0126.5 W24 Vdc18.98 ‘in’120°2400 lm10 “ft” CableDownload
AN0231S0226.5 W24 Vdc13.98 ‘in’120°2400 lmM12-A 4PinDownload
AN0331S0140 W24 Vdc19.06 ‘in’120°3600 lm10 “ft” CableDownload
AN0331S0240 W24 Vdc19.06 ‘in’120°3600 lmM12-A 4PinDownload
AN0531S0166.5 W24 Vdc29.22 ‘in’120°6150 lm10 “ft” CableDownload
AN0531S0266.5 W24 Vdc29.22 ‘in’120°6150 lmM12-A 4PinDownload
AN0731S0193.5 W24 Vdc39.37 ‘in’120°8300 lm10 “ft” CableDownload
AN0731S0293.5W24 Vdc39.37 ‘in’120°8300 lmM12-A 4PinDownload


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