COMPACT ALPHA Condensed & Mighty

Compact Alpha series is the condensed surface mount machine light built of slim aluminum housing with high heating dissipation, is vibration resistant, and can be installed and safely used in the most demanding machine environments. Compact Alpha luminaires are even the mighty brightest and ideal light solution for small high precision CNC machines, thanks to the combination of a 1 9/16″ in diameter housing equipped with a new concept LED PCBs, an M12 connector, and a universal mounting side bracket. Compact Alpha luminaires are certified with the IP67 protection rating, and they are flawlessly suitable in wet environments with oil, coolants, lubricants, and dust. The Hardened front safety glass 3/16″ thick is Debris resistant to impact IK08 and cool to the touch on the light surface to avoid coolant baking onto the glass, turning it brown. This machine light produces an intense light output of up to 2600 lumens and a performance of 108 lumen/W, thanks to the highly efficient LED PCBs engineered with the most advanced electronic technology. Three standard optics: 30-, 90-, or 110- degrees opening angles allow flexibility for narrow, medium, or wide illumination inside machines while keeping uniform light distribution. The Compact Alpha surface mount series offers four standard lengths and multiple customized size preferences thanks to the designed modular aluminum housing and optimized LED PCBs. The traditional 10-foot cord or M12 connector provides a secure, fast, and easy electrical junction to 24 Vdc with no additional Supply Unit. Compact Alpha luminaires are the surface mount lights, and they are the answer as machine light for high precision CNC, transfer machines, blasters, and automation applications. One standard side mounting bracket provides secure clamping and flexible luminaire installation. Accordingly, it allows precise adjustment of the light direction up to 70° towards the work area.

  • LED lighting suitable for any small-sized machines-tools with little room available inside
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant
  • Highly resistant to oils, coolants and metal chippings
  • Full protection of the lamp against infiltration of dust
  • Natural, efficient lighting for even surface illumination
  • 50% energy savings and constant flow beam for 60.000 hours
  • Dimmable or PWM
  • No UV or Infrared radiation
  • No additional devices needed
  • Fast and secure plugging
  • No polarity inversion
  • 4 models, 4 different lengths
  • Choice of 5 to 33 ft power cord
  • For universal use to meet any needs
  • Suitable for retrofitting


For all those applications where a high-performance lighting is needed, with minimal space requirements.

  • 1.57” in Ø anodized aluminum casing
  • Heat sink that dissipates more heat even at the maximum operating temperature
  • 0.16” thick IK06 impact-resistant, hardened front glass
  • IP67 degree of protection and Viton® O-rings sealing
  • 4 different lengths for 4 different models


The circuits are designed to optimize light diffusion and seek a balance between performance and longevity.

  • Power LED PCB with 24 Vdc drivers integrated
  • Connection via M12 male connector on the lamp
  • Power cord with M12 female connector (choice of different lengths, straight or 90° connector)


The three optics of different angles ensure uniform illumination of any length and at the same time prevent any glare effect. With a choice of beam angle, 30°, 90° and 110° COMPACT ALPHA allows even more adjustment of the lighting area.

  • 5000K monochrome light CRI 80
  • No photobiological risk according to EN 62471



Robust, versatile and vibration resistant, it is a 70° angle adjustment bracket. Made of chrome-plated stainless steel, it is the perfect solution when you need to adjust the direction of the flow beam in high-vibrating applications.

The product code includes a couple of brackets with M3 fixing screws and steel handle washers.


Strong magnetic disc made of neodymium and high grip. Use along with CO.ALPHA.FX01 brackets when you need to move the light frequently to different positions. Suitable to use in high-vibrating applications.

The COMPACT ALPHA series can be supplied with pre-assembled PUR connection cables with an M12 connector socket (straight or 90°) in various lengths from 5 to 33 ft and custom M12 connector sockets and plugs are available for particularly easy integration.


female straight connector
M12 female straight connector


female movable connector 4p cable
M12 female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 1.5m cable


female movable connector 4p cable
M12 female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 3m cable


female movable connector 4p cable
M12 female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 5m cable


female movable connector 4p cable
M12 female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 10m cable


female movable connector
M12 90° female movable connector


Female movable connector cord
M12 90° female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 1.5m cable


Female movable connector cord
M12 90° female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 3m cable


Female movable connector cord
M12 90° female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 5m cable


Female movable connector cord
M12 90° female movable connector 4P 3 poles with 10m cable

Order CodeWattagePower Usage DimensionsBeam AngleDigital InputElectric ServiceDatasheet
CA0121S046 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “30°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0121S056 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0121S066 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0121S076 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S086 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S096 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S116 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S126 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0121S136 W22-40 Vdc8.03×1.57×1.30 “110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S0412 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “30°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0221S0512 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0221S0612 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0221S0712 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S0812 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S0912 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S1112 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S1212 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0221S1312 W22-40 Vdc13.94×1.57×1.30 “110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S0418 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “30°1950lmCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0321S0518 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0321S0618 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0321S0718 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S0818 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S0918 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S1118 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S1218 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0321S1318 W22-40 Vdc19.84×1.57×1.30 “110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S0424 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “30°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0421S0524 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0421S0624 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OCable 10 ft (3 m)Download
CA0421S0724 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “30°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S0824 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “90°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S0924 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “110°I/OM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S1124 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “30°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S1224 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “90°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
CA0421S1324 W22-40 Vdc25.75×1.57×1.30 “110°PWMM12-A 4P MaleDownload
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